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Name:Ichabod Crane
Birthdate:Jun 5
Ichabod was born into a noble family, although with no hope of ever inheriting the title, and grew up to become a professor of history at Oxford University. When the American Revolutionary War broke out, he was conscripted to fight on the British side - but came to sympathise with the Patriots and eventually defected to their side. While on a mission for George Washington concerning a certain Hessian Horseman, he was mortally wounded and his wife Katrina put him into a magical (healing) sleep for 250 years, only to wake in 2013 when the Horseman was reawakened as well.

He's a good and brave man, never hesitating to put himself into danger if he thinks it's necessary to achieve his goals or protect somebody he cares about - in the modern world, principally his partner, and the woman he believes to be one of the two witnesses mentioned in the Book of Revelation, Abbie Mills (with himself as the other). He's still very much in love with Katrina despite learning that she is, and was before they met, a - good - witch, and dearly hopes to rescue her from the world between worlds in which she's currently trapped.

That said, he has quite the sharp edge to his tongue and cuts loose with sarcasm at every excuse. He does not tolerate fools lightly and won't hesitate to say so. He seems to have adapted reasonably well to his time displacement, with Abbie's help to learn the use of various modern devices, so will most likely adapt equally well to finding himself in Milliways. In terms of relations with those of other times, he is a man of the 1700s but a quite enlightened one, having supported emancipation and seeming to have no problem accepting the notion of Abbie, a woman of colour, as a police officer. He may have more trouble with women dressing immodestly, but will behave as the gentleman he is at all times.

Ichabod Crane is from the television series Sleepy Hollow, and is the property of FOX TV. They appear here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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